How the Hell
Does Sex 2.0
“Save the Planet”?

When you get hard wood, so does the rainforest.

Every month you stay with Friday Plans, we plant a tree. Your tree means a habitat for displaced animals and cleaner air for all of us to breathe.

1 tree, per member, per month—it adds up.

To maximize our impact, we’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation to plant mangrove trees in Madagascar. Mangrove forests are essential ecosystems. They prevent coastal erosion and create a barrier between harsh ocean systems and fragile inland biomes.

Our aim is to repair the damage done by deforestation, revive natural habitats for endangered animal species, create jobs for people living in impoverished communities, and help to make the air just a little bit cleaner.


It’s Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective Than You Think!

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