Our Mission Is To Make ED Treatment Accessible, Affordable, and Stupid Easy With Our Platform.

We’re calling it the Boner Renaissance — a flood of guys finding out how good sex really gets when their ED is properly treated. Guys realizing that price, red tape, and stigma can’t hold them back any longer. 

Here are the facts:

  • 52% of men experience ED,[1] but 3 in 4 men with ED don’t get treated.[2]


  • The average time to schedule a first appointment with a doctor is 24 days[3]
  • Medicaid and many private insurers don’t currently cover ED treatment.[4]
  • The typical cost per 100 mg tablet of Sildenafil is $10-$34.[5] (If you have sex just 3 times per week, that’s as much as $5,304 per year.)

We found those facts annoying, so:

We worked with experienced doctors to whittle down the consultation process into one easy, 2 minute questionnaire powered by telemedicine.

We built our own direct-to-patient platform from scratch and made it super easy for patients and providers to use.

We sourced Sildenafil (generic Viagra®) tablets in bulk from a pharmaceutical manufacturer accredited by the FDA, the World Health Organization Geneva, the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare, and 28 other regulatory bodies. They manufacture Friday Plans tablets in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) facility to help ensure purity.

We did all this so that you can have a free consultation with a US-licensed healthcare provider, board certified in your state, in a couple of minutes right from your phone and get genuine Sildenafil tablets shipped discreetly to your door for only $1.99 per dose.

A lower price doesn’t just help improve the sex lives of men who need Sildenafil, it has a huge impact on their mental well being too. In fact, when Viagra’s patent first expired in Sweden in 2013, prices dropped by 75% and tens of thousands of men started using Sildenafil, especially men aged 50-59. Here’s the kicker: in the 18 months following the price drop, significantly fewer men in that age group committed suicide. The scientists concluded that ED treatment, by increasing sexual intimacy, improves mental health.[6] 

That’s one of the many reasons we want to make Generic Viagra® available to every man who needs it. We feel it is our moral obligation to do so. The system has failed us, and it is high time we fix it! 

We’re calling it the Boner Renaissance — a flood of guys finding out how good sex really gets when their ED is properly treated. Guys realizing that price, red tape, and stigma can’t hold them back any longer. 

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* Prescription products require an online consultation with a medical provider who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.

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