No, We Haven’t Lost Our Minds.

How We Sell Generic Viagra® for Just $1.99/Dose.

Our pricing is 83% less than local/online pharmacies and 97% less than Pfizer®


We built our own direct-to-patient platform from scratch, incorporating smarter technology than any telehealth network had used before—which saved a ton of money!

Then we sourced Generic Viagra® directly from a pharmaceutical manufacturer, in much larger quantities than most pharmacies—which saved even more money!

Finally, we decided not to be a bunch of greedy a**holes—which meant that the money we saved got passed along to our members. It’s the main reason we can offer Generic Viagra® for only $1.99 per dose, for all strengths (including 100 mg)!

If you find a lower price anywhere, we’ll match it!

We’re confident we have the lowest price around. We looked hard at our competition, and this is what we found:

Some other ePharmacies may advertise a low price, but what they don’t tell you is

  • That’s the price for their lowest dosage, usually 20 mg or 25 mg. A 100 mg tablet from one of them will actually cost you $10 or more. With Friday Plans, you can get a 100 mg tablet for only $1.99.
  • Most we saw make you pay for your online consultation. (We don’t.)
  • Most we saw make you pay for shipping. (We don’t.)

If you somehow find FDA-approved Generic Viagra® for less than $1.99 per 100 mg tablet with free shipping and a free consultation, we promise to: (1) eat our hats, and (2) match whatever price you find.


It’s Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective Than You Think!

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* Prescription products require an online consultation with a medical provider who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.